Olympic GSP

Breeding Announcement!

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Photos were taken by Zarah McIntosh at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park.

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    The name Olympic was inspired by the Olympic Mountains near my home.  I go hiking, camping, kayaking, biking and hunt training with the dogs all over the Pacific Northwest.  It is a great place to live and the German Shorthaired Pointer, a great breed to share it all with.  Even with-in the city of Seattle there are plenty of outdoor activities you can share with this very athletic breed.  I go biking on the trails along the water with the dogs as well as kayak and swim during the summer months in Lake Washington.  This area is a great place for dog enthusiasts and a very beautiful place to live. 

    Olympic is a new kennel, starting out with two very nice litter mate pups as the foundation.  I am currently researching the best GSPs for their future breeding program.  Khan and Stormy are from Minado, No-Mars and West Star bloodlines. I am very proud of their champion lineage, with some members in their pedigree included in the GSP Hall of Fame.  I take the advise of many top, and fully experienced breeders, trainers and handlers in order to be able to present and produce some of the best multi-quality GSPs in the future.  My goal is to produce shorthairs that easily excel in hunting, conformation, performance and obedience rings while staying true to the GSP breed standard.  For Olympic, I want GSPs that exude power, nobility, endurance and agility.

     Both Khan and Stormy have easily acquired their points and majors in the show ring while handled by a very novice handler (me).  They have even placed in the top 100 in the country with-in their first 6 months of showing.  Khan taking #54 and Stormy #98 before she was even finished in 2009.  Both have acquired their AKC Championships at a very young age.  Khan finishing at 11 months and Stormy at a 1year and 2weeks old.  It was a great journey!  Our show goals now is to get the Grand Champion title and Multiple Specialty wins along the way.  Both Khan and Stormy have each already won their first Best in Specialty Show with Khan winning each year so far!  :) 

    The German Shorthaired Pointer is a breed "made to order", combining the characteristics of an excellent hunter with those of an ideal house pet.  The breed is a close working hunter, carefully picking up even the faintest scent and following it to the game.  They have a high degree of intelligence and a friendly, non-aggressive disposition.  A true all purpose hunting dog able to track big game and small furred creatures, point and retrieve upland bird, and retrieve water fowl with their short, water repellent coat and webbed feet.   This versatile hunting breed can truly do it all.  I do believe them to be some of the best dogs ever created.  :)

     For everything in my life I start with one saying, one action.  Start with the end result.  This means visualize your ultimate dream and with that, your path will be shown.  The rest will fall into place without frustration by keeping your focus on that vision.  I want the very best in my breeding program as the best is just good enough to manifest my dreams.  I want the best GSPs in my breeding program in order to bring forth the most beautiful, sound, healthy, and agile Short-hairs that easily excel in all fields this breed can do.